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Faculty Training


Learn what AU has to offer you and your students or expand your own skills and knowledge through our training.

We offer classes on topics including:

  • Financial and Physical Wellness - Health Wellness & Promotions (HR)
  • Professional skills such as interpersonal communication and conflict resolution - Workplace Learning and Development (HR)
  • How to use software such as Canvas and PowerPoint - OIT & CTRL

How to Register

Faculty who are interested in registering for a professional development training offered by the Workplace Learning and Development team of Human Resources may do so by logging in to AsuccessfulU's Learning Module to search and register for classes.

Suggested Training for All Faculty

  • Unlawful Harassment Prevention for Higher Ed Faculty - offered online through Provost/Dean of Academic Affairs Office
  • Service Plus
  • Creating a Service Culture
  • Exploring Intercultural Communication
  • Safe Space Sticker Program
  • Using PowerPoint Effectively (and other software training)

Required Training for Faculty who Supervise Full Time AU Staff

Log into the "Learning" Module of AsuccessfulU to browse the online catalog and register for training and professional development opportunities.

  • Performance Management Program Overview and Goal Setting (online)
  • Unlawful Harassment Prevention for Higher Ed Staff
  • Unlawful Harassment Prevention for Higher Ed Staff - Supervisor Supplement
  • People Management Basics
  • Fiscal Management Basics
  • Service Plus
  • Creating a Service Culture
  • PMP Goal Setting: "Setting Performance Expectations" (online or in- person)
  • PMP Mid-year Discussions (online)
  • PMP Year-end Appraisals (online)
  • PMP Year-end Appraisals: "Reviewing Performance Progress" (online or in-person)