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Academic Affairs Committee

The Academic Affairs Committee is concerned with University policies and issues related to academic affairs.

Committee Members, 2021-2023

  • Janice Menke Abraham, Chair
  • Mehdi Heravi, Vice Chair
  • Stephanie M. Bennett-Smith
  • LaTrelle Easterling
  • Hani M.S. Farsi
  • Thomas A. Gottschalk
  • Gerald Bruce Lee
  • Betsy A. Mangone
  • Jeffrey A. Sine
  • David Trone
  • Garret Martin, Faculty Trustee
  • Anusha S. Mannam, Student Trustee
  • Aisha Jallow, Student Trustee-Elect

Resource Persons

Cabinet Member:
Campus Representatives:
Faculty Senate
Graduate Leadership Council
Staff Council
Student Bar Association
Student Government



The Academic Affairs Committee is responsible for reviewing academic issues, proposals, and policies at American University to ensure that they are consistent with the university's academic mission, strategies, and priorities.


The following are excerpts addressing committee organization from the American University Board of Trustees Bylaws (Article VII: Standing Committees, as amended February 19, 2010):

Section 1. There shall be such other Standing Committees as the full Board shall appoint from time to time, each having such composition, duties and powers as shall be approved by the full Board from time to time. At present, the other Standing Committees shall be as follows: Academic Affairs Committee; Alumni Affairs and Development Committee; Athletics Committee; Audit Committee; Campus Life Committee; Communication Committee; Finance and Investment Committee; and Trusteeship Committee.

Section 2. Nominations of Standing Committee officers and members for two-year terms shall be made by the Trusteeship Committee at the Spring Board meeting. The Vice Chair of the Board shall be the Trusteeship Committee Chair, and Trusteeship Committee members shall be appointed by the Board or Executive Committee. Vacancies on Standing Committees shall be nominated by the Trusteeship Committee and approved by the Board or Executive Committee for any unexpired term. Vacancies on the Trusteeship Committee shall be filled by the Board or Executive Committee.

Section 3. The Academic Affairs Committee consists of at least four (4) trustees and is concerned with University policies and issues related to academic affairs.

Roles and Responsibilities

Guided by the university's Statement of Common Purpose and its strategic planning, the Academic Affairs Committee is concerned with such matters as academic standards and requirements; degree programs; enrollment; academic-related student affairs; major initiatives; faculty appointments; faculty development; faculty policies and regulations; assessment and accreditation; the effectiveness of teaching and learning; the organization of academic units within the larger institution; the appropriate balance between teaching, scholarship, and service; technology and academics; instructional budgeting; and long-range planning.

The Academic Affairs Committee is responsible for ensuring that:

  1. Academic programs reflect the university's mission, strategies, and priorities;
  2. Faculty policies and procedures are effective, efficient, and consistent with academic and institutional priorities;
  3. Faculty appointments in rank and promotion to tenure are held to the highest standards of teaching, scholarship, and service, and strengthen the mission and priorities of the university;
  4. Financial resources reflect the academic mission and priorities and are targeted to maintain high-quality academic programs;
  5. Academic programs fit student interests and needs and enhance their educational experience;
  6. Academic programs and faculty performance are evaluated effectively; and
  7. The general intellectual climate of the university is strong and lively.

Updated September 2021